The BIZ has three very active volunteer committees who work to improve the West End in the areas of Promotion and Development, Image and Safety and Community Connecting. These committees are comprised of board members and local business owners. At their meetings they develop and review programs, set agendas, oversee grant applications and perform other related duties.

Promotion & Development

The Promotion and Development Committee focuses on member communication, advocacy and promotion of the West End area and its member businesses. The committee meets seven times per year.


Carla De Luca, Chair - De Luca's Specialty Foods

Stacey Erlendson - Federated Insurance

Melanie Matheson - Manitoba Writers Guild 218

Diane Poulin - University of Winnipeg

Shane Storie - SRS Signs & Service

Jeremy Epp - Independent Jewellers

Matthew Tombs - Better Price Railings

Martin Trudeau - Belgian Alliance Credit Union

Community Connecting Committee

The Community Connecting Committee's purpose is to keep area stakeholders informed of initiatives and share information to facilitate possible partnerships. The committee meets twice a year - in the Spring and Fall.


Rick Harms - Winnipeg Police Service

Brian Timmerman - Exchange District BIZ

Safety Coordinator - Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association

Kristin Wiltshire (Safety Coordinator) - Spence Neighbourhood Association

Crisanto Landicho - Manitoba Housing Security

David Grayston - Manitoba Housing

Jamie Fox - West Broadway Development Corporation

Allan Wise - Central Neighbourhoods Development Corporation

Marty Grainger - University of Winnipeg

Shawn Matthews - Downtown BIZ

Greg McPherson - West Broadway Development Corporation

Leah McCormick - West Broadway BIZ

Cindy Gilroy (Rohit Popli) - Councillor for Daniel McIntyre Ward

Image & Safety

The Image and Safety Committee focuses on projects that enhance the appearance, safety and perception of the BIZ environment. The committee meets seven times per year.


John Unger - John's, The Hair Designers

Cindy Gilroy - Councillor for Daniel McIntyre

Lloyd Ballard - City of Winnipeg

Martin Pasieczka - City of Winnipeg, Planning Property & Development

Derek Resch - City of Winnipeg, Public Service Operations

James Houldsworth - City of Winnipeg, Public Works

Bruce Chin - City of Winnipeg, Public Works

Bob Okabe - City of Winnipeg, Public Works

George Ingram, past chair - Ingram Consulting

Grant Olien - Manitoba Hydro

Tim Loeb - Manitoba Hydro, Energy Services Coordinator

John Hunsberger - Old House Revival/Empire Real Estate

Shane Storie - SRS Signs & Service

Colin Stewart - Winnipeg Parking Authority

Rennie Zegalski - CB Richard Ellis