581 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2G2
Phone: (204) 954-7900
Fax: (204) 772-8604
E-mail: info@westendbiz.ca

West End BIZ staff

Our core staff ensure that our neighbourhood is simply the best place to visit in Winnipeg. Our staff have a wide array of responsibilities, handling street and sidewalk beautification, business support, grant administration, tours and neighbourhood promotion. We work hard to ensure your levy dollars go as far as possible.

Joe Kornelsen, Executive Director joe@westendbiz.ca
Ryan Malec, Maintenance and Safety Coordinator ryan@westendbiz.ca
Ed Gegwetch, Maintenance & Graffiti Removal Technician ed@westendbiz.ca
Aaron Wall, Economic Development Coordinator aaron@westendbiz.ca
Lia Abolit, Planning and Project Coordinator lia@westendbiz.ca
Susana Decebal-Cuza, Finance and Administration Coordinator susana@westendbiz.ca
AuroraAurora Debreuil, Communications & Marketing Coordinator aurora@westendbiz.ca

Lara Mielke, Street Enhancement Technician
Selena, Daytime Therapy, Evening Security

Board Members

The West End BIZ is run by a Board of Management, comprised of thirteen members, twelve of whom are local business owners and one of whom is the city councillor for the area. Board Members (with the exception of the councillor) are elected at the Annual General Meeting held each year. They are elected for a two-year term of office and can serve up to three consecutive terms before having to step down from the Board to take a minimum one-year break. The Executive Committee of the Board of Management is appointed at the first board meeting held in January of each year. Board members serve in a voluntary capacity.


Rennie Zegalski - Capital Commercial Real Estate


George Ingram - Ingram Consulting


Martin Trudeau - Belgian-Alliance Credit Union


John Unger - John's the Hair Designers

Past Chair

Jeremy Epp - Independent Jewellers


Michelle Scott Bahadoosingh - Tropikis Restaurant

Sable Birch - Barn Hammer Brewing Company

Emerito Guevarra - JEM Insurance

Jon Hunsberger - Empire Real Estate/Old House Revival Company

Dr. Gord Partridge - Spectrum health

Manny Singh - Sovereign Construction

Lynda Wilson - Faveri's Wood Furniture

City Appointed Councillor

Cindy Gilroy - Councillor, Daniel McIntyre

BIZ Liaison

Martin Pasieczka - City of Winnipeg

Members at large

Carla De Luca - De Luca's Specialty Foods

Carla Anjos - RBC Portage & Arlington Branch