Looking for a cost-effective way to promote your business?

Get on board with our West End BIZ cost-share and advertising opportunities!

Gain increased visibility for your business; further recognition via the BIZ e-newsletter, website and annual report; and an opportunity to contribute to the work of the West End BIZ and the larger community.

Event Sharing

The West End Biz is eager to help promote and share events taking place in and around the West End community. We aim to help bring people to the West End and showcase the variety of events and activities that the West End has to offer. The West End Biz is able to help promote and share businesses and organizations events on our Social Media accounts; this includes our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To learn more about our event sharing opportunities please click here. 


The  West End Newsletter is published two times per year. The Summer and Fall issues provide West End businesses with information on BIZ programming, available grants, dates to note, a listing of new businesses to the area and other important information related to the West End. Ongoing opportunities available. Contact the BIZ office at 204-954-7900 for more information and rates.

West End World E-Newsletter

Our e-newsletter is mailed out to over 300 West End businesses and stakeholders on a biweekly basis. It contains more regular and current updates on BIZ activities, community events and other need-to-know information. If you have a promotion or sales pitch that you want to share, this may be the avenue to use. There is no cost attached. Send us an email with a few lines describing the promotion, your contact info and a picture, if desired. Additionally, if you want to be on the mailing list to receive the e-newsletter, sign up by sending us a message.

Additional Sponsorships

Though the majority of BIZ programming is directly funded through the business levy, additional sponsorships allow for increased training and equipment for staff, expansions to current programming or the development of new and innovative projects to better serve our business community.

The following BIZ programs allow for sponsorship partnerships, many of which can be tailored to suit your business needs:

  • West End BIZ Patrol (uniforms, training, equipment)
  • Maintenance (golf cart, planters, flowers)
  • Sweep Off (t-shirts, supplies, in-kind donations)
  • Murals (wall space, painting supplies)
  • Mural Tours (brochures and pamphlet)

To further discuss these opportunities, please contact BIZ Executive Director, Joe Kornelsen at (204)-954-7900.