The West End BIZ endeavors to achieve the best “work, play, live” environment in the West End, which is addressed through our programming. In addition, the West End BIZ assists our members with a wide variety of issues, working with them to help them find solutions.

We are also the squeaky wheel to be heard, advocating in the best interest of our member businesses, with respect to safety, street enhancement, transportation, economic development and more. We work with the City, other levels of government and partners, as needed and appropriate, to effect change. We also work with and through the media, for the betterment of the West End.

Consultations, research, engagement and interaction with members, stakeholders, and all levels of government are key to identifying current priorities for advocacy. We aim to understand the ongoing needs of our member businesses and their customers, as well as our many stakeholders; our partners in this diverse community.

The West End BIZ may advocate on issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Loading zones and parking concerns
  • Infrastructure repairs
  • Permits and/or rezoning
  • Business tax issues
  • Rapid transit and active transportation
  • Responding to negative media
  • Amounts allocated for BIZ zones in the City’s capital budget
  • Bulky waste, garbage issues and derelict buildings
  • Lighting, community policing and safety initiatives
  • Image issues – graffiti, posters
  • Capital projects and development
  • Area stewardship
  • And others, as relevant and appropriate


We are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to call us with a question, to bring up a concern or if you want to share an idea. We encourage you to stay engaged with us by joining our e-newsletter recipient list, as well as following us on Facebook or Twitter. We also invite you to consider participation on one of our committees or on the BIZ Board of Management. Contact us any time at (204) 954-7900.