The West End BIZ offers a free year-round graffiti removal service. West End businesses and residents must first sign a waiver which gives the BIZ permission to remove the graffiti tags from their property. Owners have the option of renewing their waiver on an annual basis or having their waiver remain valid indefinitely, until otherwise cancelled in writing.

To report graffiti on your property you can use the online form shown below. Alternatively, you can also report graffiti by calling the West End BIZ office at 204-954-7900. Once graffiti is reported the graffiti removal team will deal with the graffiti as quickly as possible based on their current workload and weather conditions. Typically removal will take no more than two weeks.

We are working together to keep the West End looking its best!

Download printable graffiti waiver to mail, fax or email
Emails can be sent to


The TAG Team (Teaming up Against Graffiti) partnership between the West End BIZ and Exchange District BIZ allows both groups to better equip and expand our individual graffiti removal services. Pooling resources also allows for a greater impact on our communities and in other high profile areas of the city.