What does your business receive in exchange for your levy contribution?

The BIZ is here to help your business succeed and operates many programs and services to benefit its members.

The BIZ funds streetscaping and other beautification projects, including graffiti removal, litter pick up, flower planters and hanging baskets, murals, banners and street signs.

On behalf of the businesses, the BIZ markets and promotes the benefits of the West End. Newsletters, publications, radio spots and press coverage of West End events further reinforce a positive image of the area and promote important marketable characteristics of the BIZ area.

In addition, BIZ members are eligible to apply for a number of grants, as detailed below. You receive real value for your levy dollars!

Available Grants

Grants provide funds to help enhance the curb appeal of storefronts or improve the safety of premises, staff and customers. These improvements benefit qualifying businesses, but also the larger community, as they collectively improve the area and attract more customers and visitors.

The grant process is straightforward requiring just two pricing quotes for the project you have in mind and approval from a BIZ committee after submission.

Applications are available through the West End BIZ office or for download by clicking on the links below. If you are planning a renovation project, let us help you get started. Projects are considered on a first come, first served basis.

Your business may be eligible for the following BIZ grants:

Storefront Improvement Grants – The BIZ will cover 1/2 of your project costs, up to a maximum grant of $1,000. Projects with a total estimated cost over $5,000 might be eligible for additional funds on a case by case basis. Consider replacing or installing awnings, signage, painting your business exterior, or adding decorative elements and patio seating.

Safety Grants – The BIZ will cover 1/2 of your project costs, up to a maximum grant of $1,000. Consider installing door alarms, exterior night lights, video surveillance systems or deadbolt locks.

Business Development Grants – The goal of this grant is to assist West End BIZ members with initiatives to improve and/or develop their business. The grant may also be used to encourage new businesses to locate to the area by helping cover some of their start-up costs.

Multiple improvements might be submitted with one application. Not sure if your projects qualifies? Call us to discuss the details (204-954-7900), come by the office (581 Portage Ave) or email fernando@westendbiz.ca for grant information.