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The West End is Winnipeg’s destination for locally-owned niche retailers, multi-ethnic cuisine and quaint storefronts.With over 1000 businesses and organizations, the West End not only has what you’re looking for, it has little goodies you didn’t even realize you were looking for. We welcome you to explore our neighbourhood — you’re sure to find something special.

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Ice Cream Contest!

Ice Cream Contest!

Do you love ice cream?
So do we! To celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 18, the West End BIZ is hosting an Ice Cream Contest with local favourites such as Dairy Queen, ROLLESQUE Roll Up Ice Cream, Scout: Coffee + Tea, and Eadha Bread. Keep reading to learn more about each location and how you could win a $100 dollar gift card to one of them. 

Cycling Through the West End

Cycling Through the West End

The West End has always been a closely connected neighbourhood where folks are able to walk or bike to their destination whether that is to go grab groceries, get in some exercise or pickup dinner.

Distant Dinner Party

Distant Dinner Party

On June 3rd, we will be having a Distant Dinner Party that will be all about the buildings and murals that make up the West End. Our friends at Sorrento’s will be delivering a delicious meal to participants so folks can stay safe at home!


The West End BIZ is grateful to all of our partners for their many ways

of support and for their ongoing belief in the work of the BIZ. Collectively, we celebrate the accomplishments!