The West End is well known for its diversity. The “Taste the World” guide highlights the unique dining opportunities and specialty food stores in the West End. With over 100 area restaurants, many serving ethnic cuisine and a number of them receiving multi-star reviews, the West End is Winnipeg’s foremost dining hub.

You can find a copy of Taste the World at downtown hotels and visitor bureaus or by stopping into our office at 581 Portage Avenue.

Restaurant Guide


Secret Diner
Jeremy Epp
My name is Jeremy Epp and I work in the West End. I have for many years found myself drawn to the unique ethnic, down-to-earth, fresh fare of the many local restaurants in the West End. I love to walk into a family-run restaurant where you know that almost everyone working there is related, where there are customers who can order ‘the usual’ and have someone know what that is, and where you know the food is made fresh when you order it. I would consider myself to be open to most food and enjoy trying new things, although once I find a favorite, I tend to stick to it.


De Luca's Specialty Foods

New York Burgers