West End BIZ History

The West End Business Improvement Zone (West End BIZ) was established in 1991 and is geographically the largest BIZ zone of the 15 in Winnipeg.

A Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) is a non-profit association of business people in a particular area of the city who seek to promote the area as a positive environment for businesses. This allows local businesses to share ideas on how to attract clients and customers to their places of business, to undertake physical improvements to the areas they work in and to market their businesses.

All businesses that pay business tax and are located within the geographic confines of the BIZ boundaries are considered BIZ members. Non-profit organizations, social service agencies, schools, churches, religious organizations, community clubs, neighbourhood community groups and other special interest groups are considered honourary members.

Each year the BIZ determines its programming needs and sets the budget accordingly. The city applies an appropriate percentage to the ARV to generate the needed funds. Thus, the BIZ levy changes from year to year. The city collects and remits this levy to the BIZ. Although this levy is collected by the City of Winnipeg, the BIZ is independent and not a department of the city.

The West End BIZ is committed to the principles of Community Economic Development. The BIZ works with its honourary members to benefit the entire community – businesses, residents and visitors.