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Learn About the West End

The West End is a neighbourhood that’s centrally-located, well-connected to Winnipeg’s major thoroughfares and offers affordable lease rates. Encompassing the diverse neighbourhoods of Central Park, Spence, Daniel McIntyre, St. Matthews, Sargent Park and Minto, the 1,000+ businesses and 36,000 residents are proud to call the West End home. If you want unique shopping, a world of culture and ethnic dining, world-class recreational and educational institutions, or you are looking for a great place to set up a business or buy a home, the West End is where you want to be!


West End Businesses

West End Population

New Business in 2022

Harvey Smith Library - West End Winnipeg

The West End is Changing…

The West End has established itself as an area of growth and opportunity over the last number of years. Its bustling neighbourhoods and business districts contain seamlessly connected businesses and people. Change began taking shape with well-being improvements in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s followed by steps in development, investment and business growth. The diverse business mix of small and medium-sized businesses across industries, its centrality and easy connection by all modes of transportation to all ends of the city and its proximity to downtown and to major institutions have played key roles in attracting business and enabling the West End to boast a lower-than-average business closure rate. From 2015-2019, an average of 65 businesses opened per year and residential development continues to build on the 52,000 people that already live within 5 minutes of a West End business.

People & Trends


Owner,  India Palace Restaurant

“India Palace has been in the West End since 1979 and we are now serving the grandkids of our original customers. The community and our neighbourhoods are great. There are so many local events in the neighbourhood that we love to participate in and help out at.”

Linda Peters

Owner, Goodies Bake Shop

“I try to source as much as I can in the West End and I’m always amazed at what I find. There are so many unexpected little gems I’m discovering even after years of exploring the neighbourhood.”

Business & Industry


Owner,  Wall Street Slice

“I was born and raised in the West End and one of my biggest dreams in life was to own a restaurant one day. Wall Street was definitely a main street I would never forget growing up, filled with businesses and industrial views. I am so happy to have our pizza shop on a high traffic street alongside other successful businesses. ”


Owner,  Tam Custom Taylor

“What I like about this neighbourhood is that it’s right in the centre – my customers come from all parts of Winnipeg.”

Growth & Change


Winnipeg’s substantial residential growth in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Commerce developed along the neighbourhood’s main east-west arteries and the Erin and Wall corridor – the city’s industrial corridor of the future. The periods of dramatic early growth, mid 20th century disinvestment and recent resurgence have all left their unique impressions on the neighbourhood but the West End remains the image of the neighbourhood it has always been. The population density, diverse commerce and industry, well-connected transportation routes and central location solidify the West End as an authentic and real neighbourhood.

Find a Location for Your Business

Are you looking to start or move your business in the West End? We’ve gathered a listing of all available commercial, retail, and industrial buildings and spaces available for sale or for lease.