COVID-19 Real Time Response

COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge requiring critical response tailored to our members needs every step of the way. That’s why the West End BIZ has designed and implemented services crafted for a business landscape that changes by the month. Below we have outlined what’s available now and how we have responded to date.

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These are the initiatives carried out by the West End BIZ to support our members. 

COVID-19 Services Available RIGHT NOW

  • West End BIZ Grants
  • Assistance accessing other grants
  • Promotional opportunities

Other Services

  • Safety patrol and ambassador assistance
  • Free graffiti removal
  • Free storefront washing
West End Biz Graffiti Removal

Special Initiatives Implemented Since

March 2020

  • West End Giveaway 
  • Moveable mural 
  • Neighbourhood advertising 
  • New business week 
  • Holiday giftboxes 
  • Distant Dinner Parties 
  • Advocacy for financial assistance 

Upcoming Economic Recovery 

  • Neighbourhood advertising 
  • Business Development grants 
  • Destination marketing and promotion 
    • Central BIZ bike loop 
    • Tours: Mural tours, eat-and-go tours 
    • New event roster 
Bill Norrie- Mural