Event Sponsorship & PaRtnership

Culture, connection, community.

The West End is well known for its culturally diverse population and dynamic business scene.

From concerts, theater performances, art shows, business events, to restaurants that give you a taste of the world in just a few blocks, the West End offers so much fun and excitement. 

The BIZ is always eager to share events taking place in and around the West End community.


Partnership and collaboration:

The BIZ wants to facilitate and help create events and experiences that attract people to the neighbourhood, to support businesses, and connect with the community.  

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Sponsorship Guidelines

The BIZ likes to support non-profit organizations, cultural institutions, businesses in the West End BIZ, as well as businesses, individuals, groups outside the zone, that want to hold their events within the West End.  If this sounds like you, click to find more information.

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Event Promotion

We can help promote your event!

Events bring people together, support local vendors, bring excitement and create a sense of community. We are so passionate about sharing your events.

As we promote the neighborhood, we would love to share your events on our platforms:

Social media: Weekly post

Website: Community Event Calendar  


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