Member Resources

What does a BIZ do?

The BIZ is here to help your business succeed and operates many programs and services to benefit its members. The BIZ funds streetscaping and other beautification projects, including graffiti removal, litter pick up, flower planters and hanging baskets, murals, banners and street signs.

On behalf of the businesses, the BIZ markets and promotes the benefits of the West End. Newsletters, publications, radio spots and press coverage of West End events further reinforce a positive image of the area and promote important marketable characteristics of the BIZ area. In addition, BIZ members are eligible to apply for a number of grants, which can be found here. You receive real value for your levy dollars!

Zone Levy

The zone levy provides the funds for the BIZ to develop programs and initiatives for improvements. The BIZ helps to promote the strengths, attractions and unique features of the district to encourage residents and visitors in shopping, dining and recreation.

Every business (excluding non-profits) within the boundaries of the West End BIZ pays a BIZ levy based on their annual rental value (ARV). The average ARV rate within the West End is $13,940. There are approximately 1,000 businesses in the West End. Each year the BIZ determines the budget needed to operate the programs and services for the zone and sets a corresponding levy rate that will generate the needed funds. This levy appears on each business’ tax bill.

What do the ARV and levy mean in actual dollars paid?

The current BIZ levy is set at 1.615%. Using the average ARV of $13,940 means that the average business pays $225 of BIZ funds per year to operate the West End BIZ.

On average:

    • 68% of our members pay $225
    • 27% of our members pay approximately $732
    • 5% of our members pay approximately $2,329

Helpful phone numbers

Not sure who to call? Check out our helpful phone numbers publication here.