This program is a great opportunity to connect with the community, get outside and enjoy beautiful Central Park.

Back in 2019, the West End BIZ took over the program from Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network who had previously been running it. Over the years we have had folks who had just landed in Canada and it was their first time putting on skates to folks who were looking to improve their skills. All skill levels are welcomed and it is always so encouraging to see how far folks have come by the end of the program.



West end biz Patrol


The program runs from January 20th-March 3rd, every Friday from 12:30pm-1:30pm at Central Park. Skates and helmets are provided if needed. Even if you can’t make all of the lessons, we still encourage folks to register and come when you can! We are in the works of producing posters in multiple languages so please stay tuned, if you would like to download any of the current posters we have, please click the links below.

The New Canadian Skate Program will be running from January 20th-March 3rd, every Friday from 12:30pm-1:30pm in Central Park. This program is FREE and equipment will be provided if needed (skates & helmets). To register, please email