Holiday Shopping in the West End- Sargent Ave

Sargent Ave is home to a variety of local shops that range from treats to toys and everything in between. The businesses along Sargent Ave are a perfect example of the diversity within the West End community. This blog will feature a few local West End businesses along Sargent Ave who offer a range in gifts, goods, and experiences that are perfect for the holiday season. 

First up is long-time West End businesses, Morden’s Chocolates located at 674 Sargent Ave.

Morden’s Chocolates

Morden’s Chocolates is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and has been a neighbourhood staple over the years. The boutique candy store specializes in handcrafted chocolates and confections that are all made in-house. When you enter the shop you will be hit with the rich smell of chocolate and sweets that is impossible to ignore. During the holiday season, Morden’s Chocolate’s is working non-stop to keep up with the demand and is constantly roasting nuts, preparing items to be put on the shelves and helping customers in the store.

We asked Mariel, Office Manager, and daughter of Morden’s Chocolates owner, Fred Morden, how they prepare for the holiday season. Mariel explained that the shop is constantly creating goods and working non-stop to keep up with the holiday rush.

One popular holiday item that Morden’s Chocolates carries is their box of Russian Mints. “We have a hard time keeping enough on the shelves during the holiday season,” says Mariel, Office Manager of Morden’s Chocolates. If you are able to get your hands on a box, the Russian Mints are a great item to bring to a party or to pick up over the holidays. In the store, you will also find a range of Christmas chocolates that are perfect stocking stuffers. Morden’s also offers complimentary gift wrapping over the holiday season.

Morden’s Chocolates

Walking a few blocks east of Morden’s you will find Prairie Studio Glass at 587 Sargent Ave.

Prairie Studio Glass

Prairie Studio Glass is a family-owned and operated business that has been specializing in hand made Art Glass for over 40 years. The studio offers a range of custom made art glass for sale or custom commissions are available as well. The studio also provides all the necessary materials and tools for glassmakers to work successfully at their home studio. Over the years, Prairie Studio Glass has introduced exciting new glassworking methods such as fused glass and they have recently been experimenting with glass casting using the lost wax method. 

Prairie Studio Glass

At Prairie Studio Glass, you will find a variety of gift ideas that are both thoughtful and unique. If you are buying for someone who is interested in learning glasswork, Prairie Studio Glass offers a variety of classes that are designed for all skill levels. You can sign up for a 6-week session or take part in their one-day weekend classes. Information on where to sign up can be found here. At Prairie Studio Glass you will also find all the necessary supplies needed for glassworking. We recommend asking the staff for advice on how to put together a glassworking starter kit for the perfect gift. Not sure what to buy, why not pick up a gift certificate. For the month of December, gift cards are on sale. For every $100 you spend they will top it up an extra $20 to become a $120 card!

Our last stop on Sargent Ave is Cobra Collectibles at 555 Sargent Ave., only a one-minute walk from Prairie Studio Glass.

Cobra Collectibles has been in the West End for four years and has quickly made a name for themselves with their vintage collectible items. The collectible item shop sells vintage goods spanning the 70s, 80s and 90s. Cobra Collectibles is stacked floor to ceiling with retro games, toys and comic books. The shop simply started as the owners’ own collection. As the years wore on, the collection grew and became Cobra Collectibles, one of Winnipeg’s only vintage toy shops. Their current collection includes modern items like the Magi manga series and timeless items like the Star Wars series figurines.

Cobra Collectibles

“We have people all over come to the store, families, people who grew up with these toys and want to relive their childhood,” says Nadia, an employee at Cobra Collectibles. With such a large selection, their $40 holiday mystery boxes are sure to please anyone. Each mystery box has an assortment of pop-culture goodies and makes a great secret Santa gift. For a little extra holiday cheer, Cobra Collectibles is hosting a raffle to win a $300 gift card to their store. For every $20 you spend, you get a chance to drop your name in the raffle. The raffle ends on December 6th.

We hope this blog has given you some inspiration for this holiday season and if you have a chance, we highly recommend stopping in and visiting these local businesses.  

Author: Aurora Debreuil