Although summer has looked a little different this year, one thing that has not changed is the hot weather. With the warm temperatures, everyone seems to always be looking for a way to cool down. Luckily, if you are in the West End there is no shortage of delicious cool treats to try!

With National Ice Cream day coming up this Sunday, we have put together a few spots for you to try over the weekend!

Dairy Queen, 836 Sargent Ave

First up, is your classic ice cream spot that never disappoints. Dairy Queen on Sargent Ave has been a staple in the neighbourhood over the years. From their delicious soft-serve to their iconic blizzards, this is the perfect spot to pick something up for the whole family. The best part is, Dairy Queen on Sargent Ave is also now on Skip The Dishes! You could be hanging out with your family in the backyard and have a tray of blizzards delivered right to you. They are also offering free delivery on all orders over $20, so you may as well throw in a few more Dilly Bars.

Not a Waffle, 353 Langside St.

The West End is well known for being a diverse neighbourhood with a variety of unique food options and here is why! Just off of Portage Ave, you will find Not a Waffle tucked away. Not a Waffle is Winnipeg’s first taiyaki ice cream shop that also offers a variety of treats and drinks. Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake that is often filled with a red bean paste, custard or in this case, ice cream! These treats are not only very unique and photo-worthy, but they are also incredibly delicious. The unique ice cream flavours and the sweet cake really makes for the perfect summer snack!

Rollesque, 794 Sargent Ave.

Speaking of trying something new, have you ever tried ROLLED ice cream? On Sargent Ave, you will find Rollesque which is a rolled ice cream shop. Now, there are many things to love about rolled ice cream, from the unique flavours and smooth texture but the best part of the experience is getting to watch your rolled ice cream being made right in front of you! From start to finish, you get to see how each step is done and watch how what starts as a poured cream base turns into a beautiful cup of rolled ice cream.

Scout Coffee + Tea, 859 Portage Ave

Everyone should be able to enjoy some yummy ice cream and that is why we are so excited to share that Scout Coffee + Tea (859 Portage Ave) now has vegan soft serve ice cream available. Currently, they are serving a delicious home-made strawberry ice cream! Scout Coffee + Tea is the perfect spot to pick up some iced coffees and ice cream and then head across the street to Vimy Ridge Park.

We hope everyone is able to cool down this weekend with one of these amazing treats. If you do, be sure to tag us in your photo to let us know!