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The West End is a neighbourhood that’s centrally-located, well-connected to Winnipeg’s major thoroughfares and offers affordable lease rates. Encompassing the diverse neighbourhoods of Central Park, Spence, Daniel McIntyre, St. Matthews, Sargent Park and Minto, the 1,000+ businesses and 36,000 residents are proud to call the West End home. If you want unique shopping, a world of culture and ethnic dining, world-class recreational and educational institutions, or you are looking for a great place to set up a business or buy a home, the West End is where you want to be!


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People & Trends

36,000 people call the West End home and another 16,000 live less than a five minute walk away. The most densely populated neighbourhood in the Winnipeg is Central Park, one of the West End’s six city neighbourhoods. The theme of demographic trends in the West End’s residents is convergence with the rest of Winnipeg. Income and Education are two of the most notable growth factors but many demographic indicators are positively changing.

Business & Industry

Business density is high in the West End and the industry mix is diverse. The mixed-use and multi-zoned infrastructure that has been in place for over 100 years makes it easy to find the supplies and services you need to help run your business smoothly. The West End has a healthy mix of longstanding anchor businesses while  also providing a solid platform to start and grow a business. Over the last five years, an average of 65 businesses have opened each year.

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Harvey Smith Library - West End Winnipeg

Growth & Change

The West End is centrally located and well connected to all corners of the city. Some of the busiest roads and most frequent transit lines run directly to and through the West End. Considerable investment has happened in the West End over the last decade residentially, commercially and publicly, including major public investments in the Health Sciences Centre and the University of Winnipeg.


Much of the West End was built as residential infrastructure to support Winnipeg’s major growth years in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Commerce developed along its main East-West arteries and the city’s industrial corridor of the future, Erin and Wall streets developed, saddling the CN rail line. Although significant growth, subsequent decline in the mid to late 20th century, and recent resurgence have all left and are leaving their marks, the West End remains the image of the neighbourhood it has always been. The population density, diverse commerce and industry, connected transportation routes and central location solidify its existence as an honest and uncontrived Winnipeg neighbourhood.

Find a Location for Your Business

Are you looking to start or move your business in the West End? We’ve gathered a listing of all available commercial, retail, and industrial buildings and spaces available for sale or for lease.