Restaurant Tours

Wondering where to start exploring the West End’s culinary scene? We’ve got the tour for that.

Around the World in a Few Blocks is a restaurant walking tour that gives participants the opportunity to sample four superb dishes in the West End. Our tours change every week and each tour celebrates the culinary diversity the neighbourhood has to offer. But wait there’s more! This tour isn’t just about food, it’s about the neighbourhood too! Every tour is chock full of stories about the West End’s people, places and history.

Everyone in Winnipeg knows that if you’re looking for good eating, the West End is the place to be. The care that goes into our cooking and the sheer diversity of culinary options makes the West End the go-to destination for good food and our restaurant tours are the best way to discover your new favourite eatery.

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Tour tickets: $49 per person

Drink tickets: $7.00 per beer or glass of wine

All tours begin at 6 PM. Additional tour details including meeting location will be sent following booking.

Restaurant Tours run throughout the summer, from July-August.