Eat Your Way Around the World in the West End (Part 1)

Where can you taste your way around the world in the matter of a few blocks? Only in the West End of course!

The West End is home to hundreds of restaurants serving cuisine from a diverse range of culinary traditions from Ethiopian to Italian and from Vietnamese to Latin American. Sometimes you may be a little nervous trying a new type of cuisine, or maybe you just want to try some old favourites, but what’s a better way to spend a Wednesday evening than enjoying the company of friends, learning some West End history, and taking your taste buds on an unforgettable trip around the West End and around the world? This week, our featured restaurants are Shaba Thai, Sultan’s Shawarma, X-Cues’ Café and Lounge, and Jonnies Sticky Buns. While it’s too late to sign up for this week’s tour, here’ a little visual sample of what’s on the menu.

You can sign up for a restuarnt tour with these very same restaurants taking place on August 1st. You can find a full listing of our restaurants tours by clicking here.


Shaba Thai

Specializing in Thai cuisine, Shaba Thai offers everything from delicious stir fry to curries. Located next door to the West End BIZ, it’s a wonderful place to stop and enjoy your favourite Thai food!





Sultan’s Shawarma

Are the chefs at Sultan’s Shawarma the sultans of making shawarma? We think so! Featuring delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, Sultan’s Shawarma takes shawarma to a whole new level with flavorful tahini, ridiculously tender meat (or falafel if you prefer) and delicious rice!




X-Cues’ Café and Lounge

A West End staple, X-Cues’ has all of your homemade Italian favourites with a Winnipeg spin. Enjoy hearty Italian food, play a game of pool, and take in the local soccer culture as fans cheer on their favourite FIFA teams as they watch on several full length projector screens… something you can only do at X-Cues’.




Jonnies Sticky Buns

This tour wraps up with dessert from Jonnies Sticky buns and you will no doubt agree, Jonnies has some nice buns (cinnamon buns that is)! Located at 941 Portage Avnenue, Jonnie’s Sticky Buns is a timeless (albeit quaint) experience that’s complete with sublime aromas of Saigon cinnamon, the homey smell of butter and of course amazing sticky buns!


If this all sounds just too appealing to pass up, check out our restaurant tour schedule and hop on a tour for yourself!

Author: Joe Kornelsen