West End staycation #3

This winter we’re sharing ideas for spending a day in the West End – there’s so much to do in the West End, we’re coming up with new ideas every week!

It’s starting to get a little warmer out there (relatively speaking!), so this is the perfect weekend for doing something outdoors. This week’s staycation ideas are also all kid-friendly so bundle up the kiddos and go on an adventure!

Jeepney Restaurant

Start your day with brunch at Jeepney Restaurant (B – 714 Sargent Avenue).



This restaurant is named after the unique public transportation vehicle in the Philippines. Originally refashioned military vehicles left behind by the American military in 1945, Jeepneys are iconic for their brilliant colours and decorations.



You’ll find all kinds of references to the vehicle throughout the restaurant.

But, of course, you’re here for the food. Looking through the menu, the sisig or kare kare are always delicious choices. If you’re unfamiliar with Filipino Cuisine, you might want to consider Tocilog (eggs, sweetened pork and fried rice) or Longsilog (eggs, sausages and fried rice).

Oriole’s Community Centre rink

Now that you’re all filled up, it’s time to get out there and move around a bit.

Head over to the Oriole’s Community Centre (448 Burnell Street) for a skate. Practice your slapshot or organize a game of shinny.

Almost anything is more fun on ice, so be creative and you’re sure to have a blast.



There’s a bit of history behind most places in the West End and the Orioles Community Centre is no exception. The name “Orioles” has its origins with a 1920s/30s hockey team that played out of a few boxcars on a nearby site. When the city sold the team’s land to a curling club, the Orioles purchased a surplus RCAF building and established themselves on the current rink site. You can learn all about the history of the Orioles Community Centre here.

Scout: Coffee + Tea

Alright, so you’ve been shooting pucks for a while and it’s time to warm up. The perfect place to do that is Scout: Coffee + Tea (859 Portage Avenue).



This kid-friendly café is the perfect place to relax, sip a hot beverage and enjoy the rest of your afternoon. Although Scout only opened a few months ago, it’s already a neighbourhood staple for West Enders.

Scout is a unique café designed for parents looking to get out with the kids. The coffee shop has a trendy urban feel and an activity area for the tots. You can enjoy your coffee and let the kids play nearby.



We hope you have a great day in our neighbourhood and remember to check back again next week for some more West End Staycation ideas!


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Author: Joe Kornelsen