West End staycation #4

Winter can feel pretty long in Winnipeg. All the cold and snow can get folks asking themselves that age-old Winnipeg question: “why do I even live here?!” Well, wonder no longer. Over the winter, we’re sharing ideas for spending a day in the West End. There’s a ton to do in our neighbourhood so watch for a new set of staycation ideas every week.

This week’s West End staycation is about getting centred. We’ve got some ideas for a refreshing day in the neighbourhood.

Prana Yoga

Begin your day with a drop-in yoga session at Prana Yoga (2nd floor – 987 Portage Avenue).




You can find this little studio on the second floor of a small brick building at Portage and Sherburn. The warm interior and the large windows make this studio a perfect get-away from the busy streets just below.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing yoga for years, you’ll find a pace at Prana that suits you.



If after yoga you want to maintain a slower pace before heading on to the next stops, take a little stroll down beautiful Sherburn Street. The overhanging elms and vintage streetlamps make the street one of the most charming in the neighbourhood.



Closet Chick/La Bodega

These two lively retailers are located just across the street from one another. Both are decked out floor-to-ceiling in funky and unique wares.

Closet Chick (956 Portage Avenue) is a consignment fashion retailer offering retro, vintage and modern women’s fashion. It’s one of those places you come back to over and over and there’s always something new.



La Bodega Imports (955 Portage Avenue) is a home décor store with a twist – all products are specially sourced from artisans in Mexico. If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your home or yard, this is the place to find that perfect item. The quantity of planters, benches, firepits and wall decorations will knock your socks off.



Cafe Ce Soir

With all that yoga and browsing behind you, it’s time for a visit to Café Ce Soir (937 Portage Avenue).

This eatery serves authentic French cuisine in a cozy little location on Portage Avenue. The open kitchen and modern décor make for a charming place to finish off your day in the West End.



Chef Cam Tran sources as many of his ingredients locally as he can. At certain times of the year you will find desserts made with berries Cam actually foraged himself.

Café Ce Soir embraces the slow food movement, so make sure you are prepared to spend a little extra time dining. Bring along a companion and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.


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Author: Joe Kornelsen