It’s time to pull the bikes out of storage and get cycling around the neighbourhood.

The West End has always been a closely connected neighbourhood where folks are able to walk or bike to their destination. Whether you are going to grab groceries, get in some exercise or pickup dinner, everything you need is just a short bike ride away. Now more than ever, the West End has become the perfect spot to get on your bike and enjoy the beautiful tree-canopied streets, local shops and parks.

Photo: April Carandang

Last summer, the West End BIZ partnered with five other BIZ’s (Downtown Winnipeg, Exchange District, Norwood Grove, Osborne, Provencher, West Broadway) across Winnipeg to create the Central Winnipeg Bike Loop. The 10km route is marked with signage that allows folks to easily explore seven central Winnipeg neighbourhoods. Along the route, folks are able to stop at neighbourhood landmarks, such as the West End’s Central Park. Folks are able to start the route at any of the signage spots a map of the full route can be found below.

One area the BIZ has been working on to ensure folks are able to conveniently get around the neighbourhood is bike storage. With the help of Councillor Cindy Gilroy, our Street Neat Team has been able to install over 170 bike racks in the West End. Our bike racks allow for folks to run into our local businesses and pickup their goods, while having a place to lock up their bike.

An exciting project that has also come to life this year is the Wellington Avenue weekend/holiday bike route. The City of Winnipeg launched new cycling routes throughout the city, including Wellington Avenue from Maryland Street to Strathcona Street. The route is now open on weekends and holidays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m, during that time, vehicles are limited to one block.

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