The BIZ brought back our successful Distant Dinner Parties this year, but with a twist…we went international this time. This year, we decided to partner with two other cities, Portland, Maine and Columbia, South Carolina to put on a collaborative Distant Dinner Party where folks would get to learn more about the different cities while enjoying a local meal from the comfort of their home. Our first Distant Dinner Party: International Edition sold out on April 22nd where we got to ‘travel’ to Portland, Maine and learn all about the city while folks had a delicious meal from Habesha delivered to their door. This initiative has been a great way to support our local restaurants during these difficult times while also promoting the West End to folks to visit when it is safe to do so. 

The Distant Dinner Parties were a huge hit and we couldn’t have done it without the support and help from our partners. Due to the most recent restrictions, we decided to bring them back one more time. On June 3rd, we will be having a Distant Dinner Party that will be all about the buildings and murals that make up the West End. Our friends at Sorrento’s will be delivering a delicious meal to participants so folks can stay safe at home!