The West End is known for the murals that decorate the neighbourhood. Around every corner there is artwork that helps bring life to the neighbourhood and help share stories through art. We are excited to share that this year we will be bringing twelve new murals to the West End through the ‘Renew Art Project.’

Over the next few weeks, twelve artists will be turning the vacant lot at 943 Portage Ave into an outdoor mural garden to work on twelve new murals.  

The West End BIZ has partnered with artist Mandy van Leeuwen to help bring this art project to life. Mandy van Leeuwen has worked on many murals in the West End, most recently, the ‘Folklorama 50’ mural that won Mural of the Year in 2019.  

“At a time when there couldn’t be a more welcomed sense of renewed positive energy and connection, the unfolding and collective process of this project leaves a feeling of a beehive like hub made pure of creativity that aims to share our collective love for art as well as try something new,” says Mandy van Leeuwen, Artist and Project Curator.

The outcome of the Renew Art Project will include twelve murals (10’x10’) that will be permanently installed throughout the West End. Folks are encouraged to walk by and observe the artists working away. Once all murals are completed, folks will be invited to come to a small event to hear from the artists and see their finished work.  Be sure to follow us on social media where we will be posting updates and the progress of the murals.

The following artists will be working on this project, Cheney Lansard, Franklin Fernando, Jessica Canard, Jeannie White Bird, Jonato Dalayoan, Kal Barteski, Kevin Celestino, Michel Saint Hilaire, Mike Valcourt, Nereo Zorro, Stormy Angeconeb and Xavier Mutshipayi.

The Renew Art Project is being led by the West End BIZ and Mandy van Leeuwen. Sponsored by Councillor Cindy Gilroy the City of Winnipeg.