West End staycation #5

All winter we’re filling in Winnipeggers on some of the coolest little places in our neighbourhood. There are a lot of quaint little stops in the West End that will help turn your winter in Winnipeg into an adventure discovering your own city.

This week’s staycation will be taking place in the oldest parts of the West End. Travelling between this week’s stops will actually carry you right across the original 1873 western boundary of Winnipeg!


Strong Badger

Start your day with a hot cup of coffee or tea in one of the most eclectic coffee shops in Winnipeg. Strong Badger (679 Sargent Avenue) is a community-focused café with one of the most chill baristas in town. Curl up with a book on the couch or one of the window seats overlooking Sargent Avenue. You can bring your own book or grab one from one of the fully stocked bookshelves.



When you’re finally able to pull yourself away from whatever exciting tale you’re reading, it’s time to do a little bit of exploring: head east down Sargent Avenue for a couple blocks where you will find one of the most magnificent murals in the West End. On the northwest corner of Sargent Avenue and McGee Street is the mural commemorating Walter “Zoohky” Reusch, one of the most familiar faces in the West End. He was known for his skills fixing small electronics and he could often be seen pedaling around the neighbourhood. He passed away in 2003 and given his prominence in the neighbourhood, the community felt that it was very important to memorialize him in a mural.



Just a short walk further, stop at the corner of Maryland and Sargent. You will be standing at the original western border of the City of Winnipeg. Given that it was the edge of the city, the original name of Maryland Street was actually Boundary Road. In 1881, the city expanded and the western edge of Winnipeg became St. James Street. Shortly after that, Boundary Road became Maryland Street.


Feast Café Bistro

By now your day is getting on a little and your stomach is probably starting to rumble. Well, have no fear! It’s time for lunch at Feast Café Bistro (587 Ellice Avenue).



Feast Café Bistro is a classy little eatery at the corner of Sherbrook and Ellice. With large windows right at street level, Feast is the perfect place to enjoy some tasty eats while watching the world go by just outside. The menu is comprised of Manitoba First Nations-inspired cuisine and ranges from salmon and bison burgers to delicious bannock pizzas.


X-Cue’s Cafe and Lounge

Once you’ve had your fill at Feast, it’s time to walk to X-Cue’s Café and Lounge.

Embrace your competitive spirit and play a round of pool or challenge a friend to a foosball match. If you’re more in the mood to watch others compete, settle down in front of one of the many televisions and catch the latest soccer match (or hockey game).



In the late 1960s, X-Cue’s introduced the cappuccino to Winnipeg and they have continued serve mighty fine caffeinated beverages ever since. If you’re all coffee-ed out, you can always order up a soft drink or a beer.



This is the last place on this week’s staycation list, so kick back and enjoy the rest of your day right here.

This weekend at X-Cue’s:

Friday, March 2 at 7 PM: Winnipeg Jets vs Detroit Red Wings. Serving Sorrento’s Pizza.

Sunday, March 4 at 10 AM: Manchester City vs Chelsea.

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