Business Spotlight: Miss Luxe Hair & Beauty Boutique

Hours: Monday to Saturday (10:30 AM to 7 PM)

Location: 466 Sherbrook Street

Website: Facebook page

Products: Hair, hair accessories, hair care products, clothes, shoes, bags, fashion accessories

Services: Braiding, extension, and weave installation

Q&A with the Business Owner

What’s your full name?

Sarah Harding

When did you open your business?

I opened on March 27th, 2023, so it’s been a little over a year now.

What inspired your business idea?

Well, I’ve always had the vision of owning my own hair store one day because I got to know how to do hair at a very young age. My mom taught me how to do hair.  So, I’ve always loved to do braids, weave, and stuff like that.

So I would ask myself, why can’t I have a store one day and do my thing? It actually became a reality because I had the dream, but pursuing it was really hard, right? But hard work pays off at the end of the day. So, it’s just my love of hair and braiding that got me into the store today.

What do you think makes your business different?

Honestly, it’s just my style. I’m not the only one who runs a hair store, but it’s just the kind of hair that I sell, right? As you can see, we have unique hair, like the mixed colours because they’re fun, and the shoes! I get my stuff from New York. I try to get things that are unique that you don’t really see around here. Yeah, like this scarf and those handbags, I got from Turkey.

What’s your message to your current and future customers?

Well, to my current customers, I’d like to say keep trusting in me and keep supporting me. And to my future customers, come in, and you know, let me do your hair! You know, people keep coming the more they see new hairstyles and when they see what I can do. Yes, I feel like they’ll keep coming for sure. My stuff is really affordable, and I serve customers as young as 16 years old.

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Participating Businesses

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