This week, our annual New Business Week campaign begins on Monday and runs until the end of the week on April 28th. We’ll introduce you to the businesses that opened their doors in the West End in 2023.

Keep checking our blog this week to learn more about some of these business owners. We’ll be posting a Q&A with a new business owner every day!

“Sixty-seven businesses opening represents sixty-seven stories of entrepreneurs, go-getters and visionaries taking a bold step and we love to see it. Whether they’re trying something new, growing or simply moving, we want to share their unique stories with Winnipeggers.”” says Joe Kornelsen, Executive Director of the West End BIZ. 

Businesses that opened in 2023

We are excited to share that in 2023, the West End saw 67 new businesses open their doors. From new restaurants, medical spas, auto shops, and cat cafes, we are thrilled to have so many new businesses in the neighbourhood for you to check out.  



  • Canadian Unlimited Pizza House at 567 Ellice Avenue
  • Raph’s Jamaican Joint at 686 Portage Avenue
  • D&D Afrikana Restaurant at 789 Ellice Ave
  • Red Leaf Pizza at 636 Notre Dame Ave
  • Som Legacy Resturant at 726 Sargent Ave
  • Chef Paaji at 748 Sargent Ave
  • Casa Ilocandia at 1069 Sargent Ave
  • Aao Khao at 789 Ellice Ave


  • Cleocatra Café at 859 Portage Ave

Bars and Lounges

  • Seven8nine Lounge at 789 Portage Ave


  • GK & Chogah Tailoring at 1314 Portage Avenue
  • Child Creations at 1430 Erin St
  • Mofe International Ltd at 569 Ellice Ave


  • Power Boxing at 653 Sargent Ave
  • Gorilla Muay Thai at 873 Notre Dame Ave

Grocery & Convinience Stores

  • Mofe international Ltd at 569 Ellice Ave
  • Alam Hadegu Convenience Store at 510 Sargent Ave
  • TO GO Convenience Store at 590 Ellice Ave
  • Caspian Foods at 634 Sargent Ave

Vape & Smoke 

  • Kind Ganja Cannabis at 642 Notre Dame Avenue
  • Delta 9 at 625 Sargent Ave
  • Puff Paradise at 106 Ellice ave

Beauty, Hair and Grooming

  • Tsion & Lily Salon at 675 Sargent Ave
  • Zelite Hairstyling at 370 Notre Dame Ave
  • Miss Luxe Hair & Beauty Boutique at 466 Sherbrook St
  • Skin By Abie at 775 St Matthews Ave
  • WMH Barber Shop at 612 Ellice Ave
  • Zizu Barbershop at 632 Notre Dame Ave
  • Revive Skin Clinic at 1850 Ness Ave

Other Services

  • Construction 
      • Northern Lights Contracting Ltd at 1035 Erin St
      • P4 electric Ltd at 1556 Erin St
      • Sky and Ceiling Construction at 984 Sargent Ave
  • Photography & Video 
      • 47 Filmworks at 1079 Wellington Ave
      • Virtual Dynamix
  • Realty 
      • McKEAG Realty Ltd.
  • Accounting 
      • Lynn Galka, CPA
      • Taylor Made Bookkeeping at 960 Portage Ave
      • Golden Sky Financials
  • Legal 
      • Dancel Law at 800 Sargent Ave
      • Shawa Law Chambers at 819 Sargent Ave
  • Daycares 
      • The Kit Korner
  • Auto Repair 
      • Lahut Auto Services
      • Notre Dame Auto Sales & Sales
      • Sprinter Auto Repair at 1350 Wall St
      • VIP Lube at 1089 Ellice ave
      • Huneybae Car Accessories at 894 Portage Ave
  • Commercial Renting 
      • SkyLine Crane INC at 1400 Valour Rd
  • Counselling 
      • Monique Raimbault, RMFT
      • Whistling Wind Therapy Services
      • Cornerstone Counselling Service at 1200 Portage Ave
  • Cleaning 
      • Double Clean Group
  • Machine Shops 
      • Micro Tool and Machine Ltd at 1166 Sanford St
  • Business 
      • Idstewart Consulting Services
      • WH Import Solutions
  • Travel Agencies 
      • Kim Viet Travel at 871 Notre Dame Ave
  • Courier & Transportation Services 
      • Jacks fly in Delivery at 1201 Richard Ave
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing 
      • Impact Electric Ltd
  • General Contractors 
      • Griffith Plaster and Stucco at 1335 Erin St
  • Computers & Office Systems 
      • GreatPages. Ca
  • Property Management 
      • Prospect Property Management at 595 Clifton St
  • Medical 
      • 24/7 Quality Home & Healthcare Services
      • NeoWellness Centre at 595 Clifton St
      • Wolseley Eyecare at 986B Portage Ave
  • Industrial Equipment Maintenance 
      • Architecton’ic Iron Works at 645 Wall St
      • Detect Air Technologies LTD at 1380 Spruce St
  • Suppliers 
      • Click Flooring

Giveaway Contest

Enter the contest for a chance to win one of THREE prizes.  Visit any of the participating businesses and submit your entry. Each participating business has a draw box where you can enter your name for a chance to win! No purchase is necessary; for full contest details, please click here. 

Participating Businesses

  • Mofe International at 569 Ellice Ave (Open Monday to Saturday) 
  • Wolseley Eyecare at 986B Portage Avenue (Open Tuesday to Saturday) 
  • Som Legacy at 726 Sargent Avenue (Open Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Miss Luxe Hair & Beauty at 466 Sherbrook St (Open Monday to Saturday) 

Age requirement: you have to be 18 or older to participate.

Contest running period: The contest will run from April 22nd to 30th. You can visit the participating businesses anytime between these dates. The operating hours will vary for each business, so plan accordingly.

Winner Announcement: The winners will be announced on April 30th and contacted through the provided phone number and/or email address on the card.

*If you have a question or you need further assistance, please reach out to us directly at 204-954-7900 or email