It may be chilly out there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun outside!

From March 1st to March 14th, 2021, join the BIZ in an exciting, family-friendly scavenger hunt throughout the West End. Discover clues that will take you to historical landmarks and murals throughout the neighbourhood and receive treats from local West End businesses as your prize! To take part, all you need to do is bundle up, put your thinking cap on, and have your phone at the ready.

We will be posting 6 different clues on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (as well as below). Once you have guessed the clue, the instructions are simple, from March 1st to March 14th:

  1. Go to the landmark
  2. Take a picture with the landmark
  3. Head to the corresponding business
  4. Show them the picture to the business
  5. Receive a free small treat as a reward** (coffee, baked goods, fries!)

Keep your eyes peeled for new clues, check out the other locations, and share your pictures using the #WestEndBizWinterScavengerHunt
** One treat per participant, per business. Please check business hours before going.

Clues and Locations:
(scroll to the very bottom for answers)

1) The West end is our home, and here at the BIZ, we value our community more than anything!
• Once you spot the landmark head over to Junior’s (558 Portage) to receive a free small fry

2) Hall, Clarke, and Shankland all lived on Valour Road… on Sargent you will find four bronze plaques celebrating their bravery.
• Once you spot the landmark head over to Goodies Bake Shop (1124 Ellice) to receive a free jumbo imperial cookie or an apple jack

3) Even after she passed, Emily Waddell was not going to let her husband forget about her. Look to the center and you will find the fountain symbolizing their undying “love.”
• Once you spot the landmark head over to Sultan’s Shawarma (540 Ellice) to receive a free 4 piece of baklava

4) A Canadian artist and member of the Group of Seven, on the corner of Portage and Maryland you will find the celebrated L.L.F immortalized…
• Once you spot the landmark head over to Khao House (625 Portage) to receive a free package of candies

5) Besides being known for its volcanoes, geysers, and fields of lava, Iceland is also known for Glima, which is a style of folk wrestling. Can you think of a mural that shares the same name?
• Once you spot the landmark head over to Scout: Coffee + Tea (859 Portage) to receive a free small coffee or kid’s size hot chocolate

6) When the weather is hot, where do you go? The pool!
• Once you spot the landmark head over to Feast Café (587 Ellice) to receive a free small coffee and fry bread


Thank you again to Junior’s, Goodies Bake Shop, Sultan’s Shawarma, Khao House, Scout: Coffee + Tea, and Feast Café for collaborating with us on this event. This event would not be possible without the support from our businesses and wonderful community members!
What’s stopping you? Get out there and get outside, support local, and win sweet treats!


  1. “Our Home, Our Community” (356 Young)
  2. Valour Road Commemorative Plaza (Sargent @ Valour)
  3. The Waddell Fountain (Central Park)
  4. “Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald” (677 Portage)
  5. “Glima” (444 Burnell)
  6. Sherbrook Pool (381 Sherbrook)