‘La Poutine Week’ 2022 in the West End 

The wait is over: Canada’s annual ‘La Poutine Week’ is on from February 1st to 14th, and we have several tasty twists on the classic fries, cheese curds, and gravy right here in the West End. 

Shawarma Poutine from Aladin’s Pizzeria and Shawarma Place (912 Portage #103) 

Photo provided by Aladins Pizzeria and Shawarma Place

The ‘Shawarma Poutine’ is $12.00 and made with red potatoes, made in-house into thick-cut fries, Bothwell cheese curds, gravy, chicken shawarma or beef shawarma or a mix of both, then topped with crisp lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, pickled turnips and drizzled with garlic-tahini sauce, and a bit of chili-hot sauce. 

Putin Ranchero from Sargent Taco Shop (698 Sargent) 

Photo provided by Sargent Taco Shop

The ‘Putin Ranchero’ is $13.00 and consists of fries, home-made gravy, cheese curds, Mexican chorizo, grilled ribeye strips, “Salchicha ranchera” (smoky sausage), bacon bits, cream, chipotle sauce, Mexican cheese, grilled jalapenos-corn-onions, and Mexican salsa (spicy sauce) on the side. 

The Singaporean Chili Lobster from The Good Will Social Club/Khao House (625 Portage) 

Photo provided by Khao House

‘The Singaporean Chili Lobster’ is $20.00 and consists of house-cut fries with a sweet and spicy lobster-chili-tomato sauce, vine-ripe tomatoes, cheese curds, and herbs. 

Middle Province from Bistro on Notre Dame (784 Notre Dame) 

Photo provided by Bistro on Notre Dame

The ‘Middle Province’ is $23.00 and consists of flash-fried, braised Manitoba reds. Baked with Barn Hammer 66 IPA béchamel, Bothwell curds, red wine cheddar, and truffle jack cheeses. Smothered and topped with house-made bison gravy, Iron Head bison chorizo, and blackened New Iceland jack, and BBQ sauce made from Manitoba berries. 

Crspy Meets Cntry from CRSPY BNCH (806 Sargent) 

Photo provided by CRSPY BNCH

This is CRSPY BNCH’s first time participating in La Poutine Week and they are not holding back! This year they have put together rich poutine with southern-style white gravy, coleslaw, and famous fried chicken. The poutine is $17.00 and will be available until February 14th.

Get a few of your buds together and pick up some spuds before time runs out! Don’t forget to vote for your favourite here: www.lapoutineweek.com.