As part of the Saturdays on Sargent Street Activation Project, the West End BIZ decided to incorporate live mural painting to elevate the pedestrian experience along Sargent Avenue and make the West End a fun place to explore.

The project was titled: ENERGIZE Mural project. We then sent out a “Call to all Mural Artists” and selected three artists  to carry out the project. The outcome of the ENERGIZE Mural Project was three murals permanently installed along Sargent Avenue in the West End.

We encourage everyone to walk by and admire the artistic work.

Three New Murals

The following three murals were created by these local artists for the project:

Artist: Charlie Johnston 

Dimensions: (20′ x 25′)

Located at 528 Sargent Avenue

Building: Five Stones Property Management

Artist: Kevin Celestino

Dimensions: (10′ x 20′)

Located at 683 Sargent Avenue

Building: Hoa Thy Tailor 

Artist: Rachel Lancaster

Dimensions: (15′ x 10′)

Located at 814 Sargent Avenue

Building: Zappia Realty 

ENERGIZE Mural Party

Once all murals were completed, we invited the community to come to a small reception to hear from the artists and see their finished work. The reception was held on November 2nd, 2023 at Akin’s Business Centre.

Enjoy the photos from the reception below, captured by photographer April Carandang.